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Breakfast foods are so delicious.  Bacon, eggs, pancakes, scones, bagels and so many more things we love and enjoy!  Check out some of my favorite recipes as I post them!

There are plenty of people who prefer a non-traditional "breakfast".  Things like smoothies, sliced tomatoes, crusty bread with pesto or leftover stir-fry from the night before!  I have eaten all these things for breakfast.

Traditional breakfast is probably one of my most favorite meals.  I love beautifully basted eggs with the sunny yolk up, or omelets with many and varied possibilities of fillings or toppings.  Poached eggs in Eggs Benedict are just decadent.  Waffles, from yeast waffles to chocolate waffles, topped with strawberries and cream or maple syrup are a delight.  There are plenty of breakfast casseroles that make easy work of trying to serve overnight guests.  I just love panckakes of all sorts; plain, filled with fruit, buckwheat, and even gluten-free varieties. Oatmeal can be dressed up in many different ways. When I was a child, Maypo was popular; a maple flavored oatmeal. Another was Co Co Wheats, a chocolate flavored version of Cream of Wheat. I just loved those cereals, and I carried those flavors through into adulthood. I fed my own children oatmeal flavored with maple, and made a version of oatmeal, adding in unsweetened cocoa powder. They now remember those things fondly from their childhood.

This section will be dedicated to the more traditionally "breakfast" type foods.

BREAKFAST Recipes list

Brown Sugar and Oat Bran Scones
     a little bit healthy; a whole lot good
Bubble and Squeak Patties
     a British recipe for leftovers; this one made from scratch
Cinnamon Chip Scones
     A great breakfast with a cup of coffee or tea
Earl Grey Currant Scones
     the most magnificent scones ever
Feta and Tzatziki Omelet with Bacon
     I wanted to make tzatziki, but what else to use it for?
Fresh Cranberry Orange Scones
     if you love fresh cranberry tart flavor, these are perfect
Maple Bacon Muffins
     the flavors are a match made in heaven
My Favorite Pancakes
      Add fruit such as peaches, blueberries, banana
Perfect Biscuits
     fluffy and tall and tender; all you want in a biscuit
Rosemary Parmesan Biscuits
     great for breakfast, lunch or supper; amazing flavors
Tomato Bacon Sauce for Eggs
     I created this a long time ago - great on eggs
White Chocolate and Craisin Scones
     Decadently rich; another great scone recipe
Eggs Sunnyside Up

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