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Cakes and Coffeecakes


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I love to make cakes. They are easy to make, in general.  Less messy and time consuming than making a pie.  So gratifying.  I have amassed recipes from all over in the years since I started baking, around 1971. From very simple Streusel Coffeecake, to the most decadent Flourless Chocolate Torte with Strawberry Buttercream, they are all great! 

When I lived in Guatemala, I had to learn to make cakes (and most other things) from scratch. Once I started, I kept on going, trying any recipe I could. I had a copy of The Joy of Cooking (copyright 1966), a copy of Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbook (copyright 1970), and four single-topic Better Homes & Gardens books.  One of the single-topic books was "Pies and Cakes". I tried a lot of those recipes and frostings.  My favorite cake is plain white cake.  White icing on it is perfect.  I am no chocoholic. I do make chocolate cakes, but they are not a favorite go-to. Luckily, my husband is no chocoholic, either, so this makes it easier. I have made coffeecakes of various sorts, usually with streusel. I have made coffeecakes in a bundt pan and other bundt cakes, chiffon cakes, angel food cakes (white, chocolate and spice), layer cakes of all kinds, carrot cakes, apple cakes. It is hard to even pick a favorite.  My carrot cake is a particular favorite. To really select a favorite, it has to be the Fresh Apple Pecan Date Cake.


Black Sesame Matcha Cheesecakes
individual cheesecakes unmold easily for perfect portions
Caramelized Sugar Cake
delicious made with all-purpose or cake flour
Chestnut Cheesecake

     a favorite Fall or Winter dessert for the holidays
Chocolate Cake
the best flavored plain chocolate cake, hands down
Flourless Chocolate Torte with Strawberry Buttercream
      the most decadent cake; it will knock your socks off!
Fresh Apple Pecan Date Cake

     moist and luscious; decadent with Cream Cheese Frosting
Hazelnut Sweet Potato Torte
     a dense, rich, moist torte, easily made gluten-free
King Cake
     a traditional cake at Mardi Gras time
Luscious Bundt Coffeecake
     my favorite coffeecake; just as good if made Gluten-Free!
Marbled Pumpkin Chocolate Fiesta Cheesecake
     pumpkin with chocolate is not a new concept, but this is a new twist
Mayonnaise Cake
an oldie-but-goodie chocolate cake made with mayo
Rhubarb Cake
     Mom Rawstern gave me this most delightful recipe
Rhubarb Pecan Coffeecake
     with my gluten-free recipe as a base, and a few changes make this terrific
Sour Cream Polenta Cake with Honey Orange Glaze
     moist cake; interesting texture; perfect with Mascarpone Whipped Cream
Wacky Cake

     an oldie, but totally egg and dairy free; moist and delicious