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Condiments cover a lot of possibilities; salad dressings, relishes, sauces, marinades, jams and other wonderful foods.  Cranberry Orange Relish is in here, as well as other dressings and flavorful accompaniments.

Condiments add zip and zest to foods, and relishes or other side-dish type condiments add piquancy to a meal.  Cranberry sauce can be added to sandwiches, and not just turkey!  Vinaigrettes can be used as marinades or on sandwiches, in addition to the normal salads.  Thai Red Curry Paste can be added to a soup to bring in added flavor.

So many condiments are used to create other condiments.  Adding mustard to a vinaigrette, or chipotle to a mayonnaise, there are condiments galore to work with. 

Raspberry Dehydrator Jam on Toast
Raspberry Dehydrator Jam on
toasted No-Knead Bread with bacon

One condiment that I have not worked with yet to date, is fresh horseradish root.  I am planning to rectify that very soon, because I have been eating beets with prepared horseradish since my earliest years.  I love that combination, which my Serbian grandmother made and served with her ham at Easter time.  That I haven't tried the fresh root is just an oversight!

I have many salad dressings  that I make from scratch, and judging by how simple it is to prepare them and how fantastic they taste, it makes me wonder why one would ever buy a prepared dressing.  Even using just a quick sprinkle of balsamic vinegar over tomatoes makes a perfect dressing all by itself. 

Try some of my recipes as I add them in here, and you'll see!


a beautiful, silken mixture with heavenly flavor
Apple Butter
     a nice thick and richly spiced apple butter
Beet and Apple Relish
great flavors any beet lover will enjoy
Beets with Horseradish
     a condiment eaten from my earliest years
Buttermilk Dressing
      buttermilk tang with chive and shallot make a great dressing
Chris's Oriental Dressing
     a lovely sesame ginger dressing, great on any salad
Cilantro Sauce
     this sauce is too good not to try - use it on anything, or as a dip
Cranberry Orange Relish
     the best cranberry sauce in 10 minutes; naturally gluten-free
Gorgonzola Walnut Spread
     a bit rolled into slices of flank steak makes great appetizers

Lemony Vinaigrette / Basting Sauce
delicious salad dressing or a basting sauce
Mango Tamarind Barbecue Sauce
     a sweet sour basting/dipping sauce for chicken, pork, seafood
Pomegranate Orange Vinaigrette
      great over Fennel Orange Pomegranate Salad
Sherry Vinaigrette Dressing
     made for Bosc Pear and Endive Salad; great on any salad
Thai Red Curry Paste

      make your own and have more control over the heat!


Apple Onion Chutney with Sultanas
great as chutney for any Indian dish; made in half hour
Blue Cheese Dressing

     a great flavored dressing whether for salad, sandwich or dip
Crock Pot Apple Butter
     so easy to make; set it and go
Herbed Butter for Turkey or Chicken
a mixture of herbs and caramelized onion with butter
Honey Dijon Dressing or Dip
     fantastic for salad - use as dipping sauce for chicken
Hot Pepper Mustard Relish
     a variation of a recipe from my longest best friend
Orange Sesame Dressing
     Heavier than a vinaigrette, with Asian flavors
Orange Sherry Vinaigrette

     created to pair with Seasonal Confetti Rice Salad
Pecan Praline Sauce
     delectably rich; great on Blondies or over ice cream
Quince Paste
     generally served with Spanish Manchego or Mahon cheeses
Raspberry Dehydrator Jam
     needs a good dehydrator such as Excalibur, but so delicious
Spicy Mustard Dressing
     can be a salad dressing; created for Sweet Smoky Pork Tenderloin
Strawberry Dehydrator Jam
     needs a good dehydrator such as Excalibur, but so delicious
Sweet Tangy BBQ Sauce
     a delicious blend of flavors; perfect for barbecuing or grilling
Tzatziki Sauce

     classically Greek sauce made with yogurt