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Cookies and Candies

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Cookies are a wonderful finger-food. No utensils required to eat them. This makes them excellent snacks for kids (and adults) and also a perfect party food. My whole focus at this time in my life is to make things simple. Less work, less cleanup, less last-minute. What I want is to have everything ready if guests arrive, so I can enjoy their company. I want the ease of being able to use fingers when possible, avoiding utensils. Parties are supposed to be about having fun, but this can be tricky for the host and/or hostess.

Holidays are all about cookies. Cookies are all about making ahead! What a wonderful bit of serendipity! I have found recipes over the years that have become complete favorites, but I am still finding new ones to try. Send me your favorite cookie recipe!
Cream Wafers Bites
Cream Wafers - tiny little bites that melt in your mouth!

When I was young and living in Guatemala with small children to care for, I had a few cookie recipes I make with my Busy-Mom-Method . Rather than take the time to make all the individual cookies by batches, with separate baking times, I would roll the cookie dough onto a greased baking sheet, working it evenly to the edges and bake it as one large cookie. It took a few minutes more in the oven this way, but it came out perfectly. Then, as these were simple cookies, I would make an icing that was just confectioners' sugar and water or milk, with a little vanilla for flavor, mixed up to a soft peanut butter consistency, and spread it over the hot cookie straight from the oven. This would warm the icing, making it easy to spread with the back of the same spoon I used to mix the icing. Once the cookie cooled, the icing would harden, and I could just cut the large cookie into small bar shapes, and voila! Cookies in half the time! Two of my favorite recipes for this method were the Hermits and the Simple Vanilla Cookies. If you are a busy Mom, try this method!


Bourbon Balls
     a favorite year after year, rum or other liauor may be used
     the quickest caramel type candy to make

Cherry Bon Bons
     my husband's favorite cookies, made with maraschino cherries
Cream Wafers
      a bit of a production to make, but well worth the effort!
Ganache Filled Meringues
      melt in your mouth good and Gluten-Free, to boot!
Gingerbread Cookies
     If you like gingerbread, you'll love these cookies
      a little spice makes these lovely for Fall
Nutritious, Delicious Fudge
      no cooking, and a surprise ingredient - Gluten-Free, too!
Pistachio Tea Cookies
     a variation on another cookie, and equally good
Rolled Butter Cookies
      my favorite Christmas treat
Russian Tea Cakes
      some of my favorite holiday cookie
Simple Vanilla Cookies

      not your store-bought wafers


Cardamom Almond Cookies
a spectacular combination, light, delicate and flavorful
Chocolate Hazelnut Pepperballs
chocolate and hazelnuts with warm spice are a perfect match
Chocolate Wafer Cookies
used alone, iced or as a sandwich these are excellent
Cinnamon Spice Macarons
     richly spiced, these little meringue cookies are so simple to make
Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal Cookies
     rich and chewy goodness
Gingerspice Cookies
not quite gingerbread, but lovely spices heavy on ginger
Peanut Butter Cookies
    4 ingredients and Gluten Free to boot!
Pecan Praline Fudge
    with a secret ingredient, this fudge is so simple to make
Saffron Almond Tea Wafers   

     simple wafers made expressly to pair with dessert wine
     traditionally made with stamped images

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