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Dessert Loaves


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We have all heard of Banana Bread, and Zucchini Bread.  These dessert loaves are often a wonderful way to use up something beginning to get too ripe, like bananas, or to use up overabundance from the summer garden. These loaves are less sweet than cakes, and generally need no icing, although a lovely lemon curd or a sprinkling of confectioners' sugar would not be amiss.

Date Loaf | Cream Cheese Icing
Mom Rawstern's Date Loaf
served with Cream Cheese Icing

Like most moms, my Mom made Banana Bread. Generally she used "Bisquick" to make her loaf. We all loved it. These days I prefer to make them from scratch, rather than use mixtures.  My mother-in law (now deceased) had a recipe for Banana Bread written into her cookbook. She used her one cookbook as a place to scribble in, in any available space (margins, inside front cover or back cover, between lines of other recipes), her treasured recipes.

Recently, the family asked if I could possibly take all those recipes and make them into book form for all her children and grandchildren. I accomplished this, though with some difficulties along the way. Mom Rawstern had written some of these recipes very long ago, and some in pencil, which had faded badly. I had to stand in bright sunlight with a magnifying glass to make out some of the faded recipes! To complicate things, she would also write over a recipe, when she changed the ingredients along the way, so sometimes those were hard to decipher. No matter - Mom Rawstern did a great job with her desserts. Her dessert loaves were amazing. And hopefully they still will be, now that the family has copies of the book I put together.
DESSERT LOAF recipe list

Apple Butter Quick Bread
     use your own Apple Butter, Crock Pot Apple Butter or store bought
Banana Bread
     moist and delicious; a great snack, breakfast or dessert
Coffee and Prune Bread
     a delicious combination, great for breakfast or snack at any time
Date Loaf
     simply dates make this moist loaf so delicious
Date Nut Loaf
    the addition of nuts of your choice add another dimension
Lavender Nut Tea Bread
     a lovely combination that just begs a cup of tea to accompany
Pumpkin Loaf
     Mom Rawstern's recipe again, and oh, my! Great Gluten-Free, too
Rhubarb Banana Bread
     a wonderful combination when rhubarb is plentiful
Zucchini Bread
    I made this repeatedly, using both GF and regular flours
Zucchini Tea Bread
     a variation, but a really delicious one; do try it!

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