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Ahhhh, dessert!  The treat at the end of a meal.  An indulgence.  Such a wide variety of desserts exist.  I love dessert. 

Though cakes, pies and cookies are desserts, I am dedicating specific sections to those classificationss.  In this section, I am referring to things that are not specifically a pie, or a cake, or a cookie.  Here you will find things like cobblers and crisps, puddings & bars.

Chocolate Pomegranate Mini Parfaits
Chocolate and Pomegranate Mini Parfaits,
served in shot glasses.

I am one of those persons who believe a meal is not done until a dessert of some kind is presented.  I recall as a child, loving the Spice Bars Dad brought home, or the Oatmeal Date cookies.  Ice cream or ice milk in the summer, or watermelon and other fruits.  During winter, peaches or other fruits, sweet from a can, and with the added indulgence of evaporated milk added in.

Some may say "eeeww!" to that last bit, but there was always a can of evaporated milk open in our house, growing up.  Dad used it in his coffee, so it was always on the table.  Mom used diluted evaporated milk to fill baby bottles.  There were seven children in our family, and I am the oldest. 

Most of the desserts mentioned so far were things store-bought, but Mom made plenty of desserts for us, and even Halloween treats were a production.  We made popcorn balls, held together with a sugar syrup boiled to hard crack stage.  I loved seeing Mom test it in cold water, and get to eat the ensuing "threads."  We bagged a bunch of small treats together in cellophane baggies and actually stood over the ironing board to seal the baggies closed! 

I have so many fun memories of all the treats Mom made.  Herein are some of my special treats.  I hope they cause many wonderful memories for you, too.

Apple Dumplings
     an essential Fall favorite
Best Apple Crisp, Ever
     a variation on an old classic, no oatmeal in this topping!
     made with macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips - mmmm
Coconut Almond Ice Cream
     no dairy in here, but the richness of coconut milk instead

Dessert Crepes
     simple to make; great for sweet or savory applications
Ginger Bars
          my brother and I collaborated on this one; quick and easy
Gourmet Saffron Rice Pudding with Cardamom
     a beautifully rich and luxuriously gourmet creamy pudding
Peach Crisp
     a variation on the Best Apple Crisp Ever, with peaches
Simple Shortbread
     simple to make; nothing simple about the taste!


Blackberry Cobbler
     a different twist on an old classic makes this recipe more moist
Bread Pudding
    If you like Bread Pudding, this one's for you!
Chocolate Mocha Mousse
     no cooking involved; ready in 15 minutes and creamy smooth
Chocolate Pomegranate Mini Parfaits
Chocolate Pomegranate Mini Tarts
Chocolate Pomegranate Tarts

     these three desserts are based on the use of three other recipes
My Best Brownies
     delightfully chewy and wonderful alone or frosted
New York Polish Cheese Coffeecake
     the easiest, best tasting, show-stopping dessert!

Pomegranate Mousse
     another simple, no-cook mousse
Pumpkin Tapioca Pudding
     if you love tapioca or pumpkin pie, this is for you

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