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Frostings and Fillings

"The Icing on the Cake!" Unabashedly rich, these are the perfect toppings and fillings to make your cake extra-special.

From cream cheese to fruit flavors and even matcha green tea, there is an icing flavor to match any cake or cookie. Then there are fillings that can be used to top cake layers, fill a pie, tart or anything else you can dream up.

Frostings and fillings can be simple to make or more complicated and time consuming. Sometimes it is only a matter of how long one chooses to whip a frosting that makes the difference between a simple or more complex texture. Longer whipping means lighter and fluffier, where less whipping means heavier and denser. Each style has a place, depending on the desired outcome. Too long can mean there are too  many air bubbles to effectively use certain icing tips. Trying to decorate with stringwork would be futile with an icing that is filled with air bubbles. That same icing would be lovely for use to cover the cake.

Whatever your need, I hope to fill them here, with frostings that I have used over time, and some brand new.

Frostings and Fillings
Frostings and Fillings
Clockwise: Chocolate Ganache,
Browned Butter Caramel Buttercream,
& Cream Cheese Icing


Browned Butter Scotch Sauce
an excellent sauce as cake filling or over ice cream
Cream Cheese Icing
      try this on Carrot Cake or Fresh Apple Pecan Date Cake
Chocolate Buttercream
     smooth and creamy; the perfect chocolate icing for any cake
Chocolate Ganache
      hard to think how easy this is!
Coconut Pecan Filling
     rich and gooey filling for cakes
Grandma's Nut Torta Icing
     a very different take on icing; Grandma's special recipe
Mascarpone Whipped Cream
     a tangy and less-sweet topping for cakes or pies
Matcha Green Tea Ginger Icing
     delightful flavors and a pale green color
Royal icing
     an icing that is ideal for making flowers or hardened decorations
Sweet Hazelnut Creme
      a rich and sweet topping for any dessert loaf; banana, date, zucchini
Walnut Cream Cheese Spread
     a touch of honey, cinnamon and walnuts make a delectable spread
Whipped Buttercream Icing
     simple, but by no means plain, with variations


Apricot Filling
made specifically for Kifli; great as a filling for other cookies or bars
Chocolate Glaze

     when you want the luscious drips going down the sides of your cake
Cinnamon Ancho Buttercream
     the perfect amount for Chocolate Wafer Cookies
Pecan Praline Sauce
     Decadently rich; leave out the pecans for simple Praline Sauce
Prune Filling (Lekvar)
made specifically for filling Kifli; great for other cookies or bars
Strawberry Buttercream Filling
      this is simply fantastic in the Flourless Chocolate Pecan Torte
White Chocolate Ganache
     an alternate ganache, with the ability to tint the color

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