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Soups and stews are great anytime, but they really come into their element in Fall and Winter.  What better way to keep warm, when the weather turns cold? 

There are so many kinds of soup; clear broths, pureed soups, chunky soups full of goodness.  Stews can be defined, usually, as a dish of meats and/or vegetables simmered slowly in stock or other liquid, thickened or unthickened.

Obviously, this same definition could be applied to some soups.  Most of us will look at a dish and have a good idea if it supposed to be a "soup" or a "stew", but since they are closely aligned, I am placing them all together here. 

The first recipe I am posting here is one my Mom and Dad perfected long, long ago.  I believe my Dad brought home a recipe clipping from somewhere, originally, but neither Dad nor Mom were content with how the recipe turned out.  They kept playing with it until it was what they considered "right."  I present it to you here, with pride.

Mom and Dads Bean Soup
Mom and Dad's Bean Soup
Dad was so proud to use his digital camera. Being able to email his photos,
he sent them to all his children regularly

This is really what it is all about.  Trying a recipe.  Seeing what worked and what didn't.  Talking it over: someone else always will have an idea you hadn't considered!  Trying it again.  It can be such an enjoyable process.


Caldo Gallego
     a Spanish Soup from Galicia, easy and hearty
Chunky Tomato Soup
     a creamy soup with chunks of tomato and lots of flavor
Cincinnati Chili
     Cincinnati's own style; delicious and nothing else like it
Creamy Tomato Soup
     created with fresh tomatoes, though canned will do just fine
Easy Vegetarian Chili
     great flavors and lots of fiber and protein
Guinness Chile con Carne
     a hearty chile that is thick and rich and feeds a crowd
Hamburger Andouille Gumbo
     while hamburger is not authentic, the rest of the flavors are!
Mom & Dad's Bean Soup
     save your ham bones - this is delicious any time!
Mom's Beef Stew Enhanced
     a hearty old time one-dish meal
Pheasant and Wild Rice Vegetable Soup
     wonderful Fall soup both rich and hearty
Potato Leek Soup
     an elegant and gourmet soup in 20 minutes
Root Vegetable and Greens Soup
      if you like all the root vegetables, you'll love this soup
Split Pea, Vegetable and Ham Soup
     This just sounded good long ago; great for cooler weather fare
Turkey Stock
     make this flavorful stock for your turkey gravy


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